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Hello, Tula

Hello, we’re Tula. We are delighted to be here.

We believe plants are living, breathing, ever-changing companions that thrive in an atmosphere that feels like home. With the goal of inspiring people to fall in love with plants, we equip you with the right plant, smart design, proper soil and an easy-to-follow care plan to keep your plant around for good.

Gone are the days of feeling helpless while watching your green friend meet a slow death. Through our plant doctor services we’ll diagnose your plant problem and equip you with a care plan to keep them on a healthy track. With our residential and commercial services we’ll assess your space while listening to your needs in order to present the best plant options and design concept for your event, environment and overall aesthetic.

Our product is presented in collections, which means that new designs and styles will be introduced seasonally. All of our home decor is designed in-house and we collaborate with local ceramicists to produce our handmade, wood and gas-fired planters. Plants want to be fashionable too.

It’s time to enjoy your plants for the long run, share tips with other plant people and watch your green friends grow wild.

Hello, plant lovers. It’s wonderful to meet you.