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Who we are

Tula inspires city-dwellers to fall in love with plants through unique design, care, and innovation. We are known for keeping plants thriving through careful attention, plant-first products, and the education of our clientele. A mix of modern horticulturists, designers, and plant enthusiasts, everything we create celebrates the wonders of the natural world.

for the love of plantssssJob Title

Plant Specialist/Retail Associate

Who you are

You are a creative and active person who loves plants, horticulture, and design. You have retail experience and a deep knowledge about indoor plants, how to care for them, and you are eager to share that knowledge with others. You value hard and active work and apply an entrepreneurial spirit which helps you to think strategically about the best and most efficient way to get your job done. The work we do demands high energy and a positive attitude. We will get our hands dirty and work outside on hot summer days. If you like to feel physically and mentally accomplished at the end of your day, Tula is a great brand to work with. We are a small team so flexibility, communication, and an openness to learn and adapt is very important.



Sociability and education is very important in this job – you will spend a lot of time speaking with people about their plant woes, plant successes, plant questions, etc. Every person deserves your time, even if they did not purchase a plant from Tula. We strive to foster awareness and curiosity of the natural world in our customers, so a personal desire to learn more about all aspects of your job is important.

Job Responsibilities

Tula will be moving into a new storefront Summer 2018. Prior to the move you will work with the team from the Bushwick showroom. Shop work includes greenhouse visits and the receiving of new inventory. Once received you will enter all product into the inventory system and price. All plants need to be cleaned and pruned before they are ready for the shop floor. Once ready for the floor, all plants must be visually merchandised. This is an ongoing process, and should be revisited after any sales off the floor. Each week will require routine plant maintenance, on top of new inventory receipt. Weekly plant maintenance includes; watering, misting, cleaning, pruning, treating, and repotting as needed.

The showroom is currently open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays and by appointment during the weekday. You will be assisted by a Tula associate at first, until you are comfortable on your own.

Some weekends will be dedicated Tulita, our beloved plant truck. You will be asked to join a Tula associate to drive the truck to markets and set up shop for the day.



Time Commitment


  • Thurs – Sun: 10AM – 7PM
  • Total: 32 hours/week

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of the principles of Horticulture, specifically indoor plants.
  • Experience with indoor plants at home.
  • Common and Latin names of most common indoor plants.
  • Retail, merchandising, and sales experience. This could be brick-and-mortar or service industry, having both is a bonus.
  • Attention to detail – awareness of how a space looks through a customer’s view point.
  • Ability to lift upwards of 60 lb.
  • Ability to work on your feet for 8hrs/day
  • Excellent verbal and written communication.
  • Tech literate (ability and/or confidence to troubleshoot issues in the field if needed)

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree or certificate in Horticulture, Plant Science or related field (if you are self taught, that is OK. Please tell us about it).
  • At least one year of horticulture experience or related experience – this could be experience growing your own indoor garden.
  • At least one year of retail experience or experience in the service industry.
  • Valid and clean driver’s license. You may be asked to drive the truck or delivery vans.


To apply please email: Please submit a resume and a well written introduction yourself, your qualifications and why you want to work with Tula. Please also list 2-3 references of your choice (employers/professional mentors/colleagues/etc). Thank you!