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Terra Cotta Gets Naked

We never thought very much of planters – pots. We never thought very much about the labor and process in which they are made. Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore took the spotlight and romanticized it all for us eighties babies. The touch has to be just right. Starting with a thud. Roll. Thud. Roll. Kneed. Roll. Thud. No air bubbles. Remember playing with putty as a kid?

Terra cotta planters - Tula Naked CollectionWe decided early on that Tula was going to carry a branded line of planters – each season would bring a new collection, and we would collaborate with independent artists and ceramicists to create each collection.

Jordan Colon - Tula PlantersWe met Jordan Colon thanks to our love for ramen. Best ramen in Brooklyn is at Okonomi. Who serves their ramen and other deliciousness on plate ware, handmade by Jordan.

Big head of curly red hair. Energy for days. Jordan is the former owner and chef of Eat, a restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He ran Eat for nine years, his transition into ceramics was quite natural and once he began, it was something he knew he wanted to pursue more seriously. Which meant Eat would close. Lucky for us, unlucky for the neighborhood Eat fans.

Jordan Colon - Tula Planters
We started developing the collection with Jordan during the last months of Summer, 2015 in order to be ready for our Spring 2016 launch. We sat together drawing styles, throwing styles – watching clay collapse, break, and then mold into the beautiful shapes you see now.

Making the Tula Naked Collection handmade-terra-cotta-planters-tula-Tula’s first collection of planters is made entirely in terra cotta, each planter is one of a kind and gas fired. We’ve named the collection Naked, as it corresponds with the style and quality of our handmade planters and unique selection of plant species. The collection is divided into four styles that we’ve entitled Fold, Perch, Pinch and Stretch. All things that can be done to or done with, the body.


When we fired the first batch, we had no idea what the outcome was going to be. The grey terra cooked to pure white, the rust terra cooked into the terra color we all recognize. And with a closer look, we found throw lines that kept through the firing. Thats how you know a hand thrown pot over a manufactured version – throw lines, thumb prints – the makers mark. Naked has all of them.

Tula Planters-terra cotta-handmade

For the fall, we will throw a new collection. We’ll keep Naked and our corresponding styles, but the medium will be different as will the method of firing. We will use the most ancient and traditional way of firing ceramics – wood firing.

Stay tuned for updates on the new collection, and shop the Spring/Summer planters now as the collection is limited and only available while planters last.

Tula Planters-terra cotta-handmade

Tula Planters-terra cotta-handmade