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The Agave Americana is native to Mexico. He prefers direct light and hot sun. If you have South/East/West windows that are unobstructed, he will do just fine. Always use caution with his foliage spines, as they make sure you know they are there.

The Agave Americana are commonly called the century plant as in their native habitat they will grow to monstrous sizes and live up to 100 years. Ending their life with a magnificent flower that blooms from the center of the agave that looks like a giant asparagus stalk. The agave is monocarpic, which means after its bloom, it will die, leaving behind it’s offshoots to keep the species alive. Not to worry about this happening at home unless you have a ceiling made of glass.

This agave is planted in a 8 lb handmade terra cotta pot within very extremely soil. He is incredibly drought tolerant so watering should be less frequent during the winter months. Water in sips into the soil (never directly on the foliage, from above) and watch it drain. Do not dump water, the process should be slow.

Water frequency will depend on your environment, the soil should feel gritty and bone dry to the touch. Do not water if soil feels at all moist or easily clumps.