Crescent Blue (sml)


Dimensions 4 x 5 in

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Crescent is made in collaboration with Brooklyn based ceramicist, Marina Bonnin. Each planter is handmade with speckled clay, then dipped into blue and white glazes.


Due to the handmade nature, no planter is alike and we are unable to guarantee a particular shape, color or form. All online orders will be chosen by a member of the Tula team. All planters are made with a drainage hole. Matching plates are included.

*planters are sold unpotted, plants not included.

For the first time we chose to incorporate colorful glazes in a collection. The hues of black, blue and white led to name, Crescent. There is a mystical sense to this collection – the glaze has an infinite design and drip. Before being fired in the kiln, the planters are blackish/grey. The heat of the kiln and the glass mixed into the glaze creates a chemical reaction that produces the colors and shine we see in the finished product.

Marina describes her work as being “influenced by the Japanese culture where the traditional and the futuristic clash and coexist.” While working with Marina we encouraged her to throw unconventional forms and shapes. The result is a beautiful blend of warped, folding as well as straight lines and curves.