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The Sedum Morganianum is native to Southern Mexico and Honduras. She loves full sun which helps her grow into long tendrils of succulent mass. She is easily propagated by stem or leaf cuttings. Handle her gently, as her blue/green leaves fall easily if handled too aggressively.

The Sedum Morganianum is commonly called Donkey’s Tail or Burro’s Tail (burro is donkey in Spanish). As she grows longer, the common name makes sense as the layered and massed tendrils take the shape of Donkey’s tail.

She is planted in a 1lb handmade terra cotta pot within porous soil that drains well. Never over water this lady. She prefers frequent watering during the hot summer months and sparse watering in the winter.

Water in sips and watch it drain. Do not dump water, the process should be slow. Water frequency will depend on your environment, the soil should feel gritty and bone dry to the touch at least 1-2″ down from the top before the next watering cycle. If you doubt whether she’s ready for a watering, don’t water. She’ll bounce back from under watering but won’t survive an over watering.