LLR8 Planter


Dimensions 3.5 x 4 in

The LLR8 Planter is made of clay mined in Shigaraki, Japan. The planter opening measures approximately  3.5″ wide and 4″ tall. Standing on three clay feet, the planter is made with a drainage hole for optimal plant health.


Due to the handmade nature of Com Work Planters each planter is unique.

Toshihiko Yoshimoto is the artist behind Com Work Studio. Based in Shigaraki, Toshihiko hand builds all of his planters to look as if they have been dug from deep within the earth. Toshihiko uses clay locally mined in Shigaraki of the Shiga prefecture.

We discovered Toshihiko’s work while on a trip in Kyoto. Tula is the only US stocklist for Com Work Studio planters.

Shigaraki is a town close to Kyoto, best known for its history of pottery production. It is considered one of the oldest pottery production sites in all of Japan.

Toshihiko uses clay mined in Shigaraki and hand builds all of his pottery. This is different than pottery thrown on a wheel – each piece is built and molded by hand and with tools.