Plant Propagation 8/29/19


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Join us Thursday, August 29th from 7-8pm at Tula, for a Plant Reproduction + Propagation class led by one of Tula’s in-house horticulturists. The workshop will focus on propagation — or simply, how plants make more of themselves– a helpful tool to better understand houseplant growth and health, and a way to grow your houseplant collection for years to come!

With ticket purchase, attendees receive a handful of cuttings to grow, the option to shop 15% off all in-store product (exceptions may apply), plus complimentary refreshments.

Space is limited. All sales are final. 

We will start by talking through the different ways that plants reproduce–asexually and sexually. We’ll then move onto propagation, wherein all attendees will take their own cuttings to grow at home.