Soil Science & Potting 10/17/19


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Thursday, October 17th from 7-8pm join us for a Soil Science and Potting workshop at our Greenpoint shop. This is a hands-on class where we will learn the foundation of soil structures and best repotting methods.

You’ll choose from pre-selected 4″ plants, build your soil and pot into 5″ washpot terra cotta planter.

With ticket purchase you’ll receive one 4″ plant + 5″ washpot planter, 15% off all in-store product (exceptions may apply), to be used during the workshop plus complimentary refreshments.

Space is limited. All sales are final. 

Growing healthy plants begins with understanding soil structures to maintain healthy root systems. For example, a cactus should be planted in a gritty soil with lots of structure so that is remains airy and dry. Water should pass directly through cactus soil.

During this workshop we’ll build our own soils to match the plant you’ve chosen to plant. A great way to put new knowledge to the test and also talk through best repotting practices and when your plant actually needs to be repotted.