Tula's Plant Library

  1. Beaucarnea recurvata

    Beaucarnea recurvata

    Ponytail Palm, a native of eastern Mexico, is a stunning, low-growing palm that often looks like a caudex plant due to its bulbous trunk. Long, curling, elegant fronds emerge from the head of the trunk. Beloved by indoor and outdoor gardeners, Ponytail Palms are known to continue growing in the same pot for years, becoming so tightly bound to their homes that the pots need to be broken for the plant to be removed.

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  2. A Dracaena marginata at Tula Plants & Design

    Dracaena marginata

    Dracaena marginata, native to Madagascar, is a beloved houseplant for its easy care, architectural look and foliage, and ability to adjust to a variety of lighting conditions. The perfect plant for providing a statement without also providing a chore. A common plant for offices, Dracaena marginata thrives in direct overhead lighting provided by fluorescent lights. Fairly slow growing indoors, this plant can get more than 30ft tall in the wild.
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  3. Leuchtenbergia principis, a rare cactus that looks like agave, for sale at Tula Plants & Design.

    Leuchtenbergia principis

    Leuchtenbergia principis is the only species in the unique cactus family Leuchtenbergia. Resembling an Agave with long, tubercle limbs, this sun-loving plant from North-Central Mexico has a large taproot and papery spikes. As it slowly matures, lower limbs drop from the plant where a corky, woody stalk forms. Truly unique, this plant is highly desired by many cactus collectors.
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  4. Copiapoa humilis, a rare collector cactus, for sale at Tula Plants & Design.

    Copiapoa humilis

    Copiapoa humilis is a cactus from the small Copiapoa genus, which is native to coastal deserts of northern Chile, particularly the Atacama Desert. A cluster of warty pups, long spines, white fuzz, maroon body, and the occasional delicate yellow flower, this plant is a natural wonder of evolutionary dichotomies. Highly sought by collectors, the Copiapoa genus is regularly the victim of international smuggling. When acquiring a cactus from this genus, confirm the seller's certification status to ensure the plant was bred responsibly in a greenhouse, not taken from its natural habitat. 
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  5. A mature Astrophytum ornatum for sale at Tula Plants & Design.

    Astrophytum ornatum

    Astrophytum ornatum is a columnar cactus native to Central Mexico. Early in its long life, this plant will look spherical, calling to mind a small barrel cactus, but as it grows, it matures into a thick cylindrical column, up to six feet tall. Remarkably hardy, Astrophytum ornatum is one of the most drought-tolerant plants in the world, even among cacti. Look for large, yellow blossoms in spring and summer that have a sweet scent.
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  6. A mature Stenocactus Multicostatus, or Brain Cactus, for sale at Tula Plants & Design.

    Stenocactus Multicostatus

    Stenocactus multicostatus, known as the Brain Cactus for its rippling, wavy ribs, is a fascinating plant native to Mexico. Large spikes emerge from areoles along the densely pleated ribs. As the plant matures, it readily produces limbs and pups that can be easily propagated. Keep an eye out for striped purple and white flowers, which emerge during summer.
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