Chamaelobivia hybrid


Chamaelobivia was recently reclassified as the Echinopsis chamaecereus. Commonly called the Peanut cactus, they are prized for the magnificent blooms and vibrant colors. Small, low lying cacti they grow in clumps and will bloom late spring, early summer.

Please note: Every plant will vary in size, color and shape from the one pictured. Plant ships bare root. Soil included according to plant size.



Endemic to Argentina.


Chamaelobivia 'rose quartz' (Echinopsis chamaecereus) require plenty of full sun. 3-5 hours of direct sunlight a day is ideal, especially to get them to bloom.


Echinopsis chamaecereu should be allowed to dry between waterings but do not leave dry for too long. During the grow season and when the soil is completely dry, water them thoroughly, fully saturating the soil. If you are unsure whether or not the soil is dry, wait a few days before watering. Excessive moisture can quickly lead to root rot.

Tula's Tip

Easy to propagate by cuttings. To encourage blooms, keep dry during the winter and expose to a bit of cold. Fertilize: Echinopsis chamaecereu do not require fertilization, however a boost of nutrients during the growing season will help them thrive. Use a fertilizer formulated specifically for cacti and succulents, once a month, during spring and summer only.


Approx. 3-4" tall and 4-6" at the widest point. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.


Delivery Method

Nationwide shipping, NYC delivery and pickup available. Delivered Bare root