Yuta Segawa Vase #6


Yuta Segawa is a Japanese artist based in London known for his intricately thrown ceramics. Some as small as a pinky finger you wonder how he manages to create such a perfect form with such little material. What we love most about the vessels is grouping them together. Too small to plant, but the perfect size to propagate small cuttings, display wildflowers or enjoy alone as a beautiful object. 


1.25"W x 1.5"H


Stoneware with glaze

Firing method


About the Artist

YutaSegawa is a Japanese ceramic artist specialising in producing miniature pottery. He learned advanced ceramic skills in Japan and China and developed it into techniques of miniature pots in London. All miniature pots are thrown individually by hand and he use more than five hundred original glazes he made.


Delivery Method

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