Palmer Terracotta Saucer


Palmer Planter Company Saucers are made for Hazel Hill and Reed Cache planters. A perfect match to the deep terra cotta color of Palmers signature look. Hand made and hand brushed terracotta planter, plant roots breathe easy in this planter, thanks to a large drainage hole and the earthenware material. Since each piece is made lovingly by hand, expect slight variations in size and color.


For Hazel Hill: 5.75"W - For Reed Cache: 7.25"W



Firing method

Gas Kiln


Palmer Planter Company is a small family company, established in early 2017 by sweethearts Daniel Ricardo Teran & Naomi Cleary. We are artists with complimentary skills and a shared love of plants and historical pottery.



Delivery Method

Nationwide shipping, NYC delivery and pickup available.