Parodia leninghausii – Specimen


Parodia leninghausii is a columnar cactus with a stunning spread of thirty ribs covered in yellow spikes. While it is a common cactus to come across, finding one in this size is a rare sight. Slow growing, it reaches heights of one meter, developing a healthy, corked "trunk" as it slowly matures. Look for a crown of large, yellow blossoms in spring and summer.

Please note: The plant pictured is the exact plant you will receive. Planter is not included. Plant ships bare root.

Native to Southern Brazil.


These cacti prefer lots of sun, at least five hours of direct sun daily. Avoid intense afternoon sun. Grow outdoors in light shade or indoors in a sunny window with southern exposure and direct sun. 


Stenocactus multicostatus prefer to stay on the dry side. In the summer water them only when the soil has dried out entirely. Always error on the side of underwatering. They are built to withstand drought, and overwatering is one of the quickest ways to kill them.

Tula's Tip

Parodia leninghausii will produce a crown of gorgeous yellow flowers between spring and summer. Fertilize: These plants do not require fertilizer though it can be added to give container grown plants a boost or to supplement poor soil. Apply a water-soluble, balanced fertilizer monthly, diluted at half strength.


Approx. 11" tall and 5" at widest point. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.



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