Calathea orbifolia


Calathea orbifolia is one of the largest calatheas with leaves that can grow over 12” wide. The foliage is textured and colored with silver and green stripes. The edges are slightly wavy, which is where its name comes from - ‘orbis’ means round and ‘folia’ means leaf.


Native to Bolivia where it grows under the canopies in the rainforest.


This tropical plant is from the rainforest, so try and mimic the same lighting conditions in your home. A bright indirect light or dappled sunlight is best. Look out for sunburns on the leaves if it’s getting some direct sunlight and adjust plant placement accordingly.


Calatheas want to live in consistently moist soil. A ceramic pot helps lock in moisture. If you plant in a terra cotta pot, make sure to stay consistent with watering.

Tula's Tip

Calatheas need humidity to thrive. Add a humidifier to the mix to avoid browning foliage tips.

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