Columnea gloriosa (Hanging basket)


Columnea gloriosa, is commonly known as the goldfish plant for its bright orange, fish-shaped flowers. Waxy, dark green leaves that cascade make this a beautiful hanging plant with elegant contrasting colors. Pinching of the growing tips will encourage it to branch, giving it a fuller look.


The Goldfish plant is native to South America and the Caribbean.


This plant loves bright indirect light. Keep it in a brightly lit room where the sun does not hit its leaves directly for more than an hour. Excess direct sun can burn the leaves.


Allow the soil to completely dry to 2 inches down between waterings. Water thoroughly when dry and let the excess drain out the bottom of the planter.

Tula's Tip

If you water less often in the winter, you’ll be rewarded with more goldfish blossoms come spring. This plant likes to be slightly rootbound, and may bloom better in a more confined space.Fertilize: In Spring and summer, fertilize twice a month with an organic houseplant fertilizer, diluted by half.


Approx. 12-14" tall x 10-12" wide. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.


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