Tillandsia brachycaulos


Tillandsia, or air plants, are members of the bromeliad family. These humidity-loving epiphytes dwell in treetops where they receive dappled sunlight, lots of rain, and nutrient-rich plant debris.


Tropical jungles in Central America and Venezuela


Bright indirect light throughout the day is ideal


Water these plants by filling a bowl with water and submerging them for about 10 minutes once every week. After 10 minutes, remove the plant and, holding it by the base, shake it to remove excess droplets.

Tula's Tip

As the mother plant grows, keep an eye out for pups appearing at the plant’s base. Allow these plants to establish themselves, then snip off the pups. Fertilize: Fertilization isn’t necessary, but a dash of bromeliad fertilizer to the soaking bath can be applied during waterings in summer to increase growth.


Three sizes available. Small (approx 3-4” long), Medium (approx 5-6” long), and Large (approx 7-8” long). Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.

Delivery Method

Nationwide shipping, NYC delivery and pickup available.