Echeveria pulvinata frosty cristata


Opuntia cochenillifera ‘Sunburst’ variegata has a camouflage look that, contrary to camouflage’s mission, really makes this plant stand out. The non-variegated form is native and widespread in Mexico, but the nursery-cultivated ‘Sunburst’ variety is rare and highly sought by cactus collectors.


Puebla and Oaxaca, Mexico.


Echeveria pulvinata do best in bright sunny locations, at least 4 hours a day. Avoid intense afternoon sun from a south facing window. Leaf tips can burn from too much direct sun in the summer months. If kept outside, provide consistent dappled light in the shade of a taller plant.


In summer, Echeveria pulvinata should be watered thoroughly and allowed to dry before watering again. In winter give only occasional watering, enough so the plant does not shrivel.

Tula's Tip

Echeveria pulvinata can be propagated by a single leaf or offshoots. Place a healthy leaf on top of the soil and watch it grow roots. Separate offshoots from the base with scissors or a clean knife. Fertilize: These plants do not require fertilizer, though it can be added to give container grown plants a boost or to supplement poor soil. Apply a water-soluble, balanced fertilizer monthly, diluted at half strength.


Approx. 8" tall and 10” wide. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.

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