What is Bare root?

Bare root means that the plant arrives unpotted and the soil has been gently removed from the root ball.

Why bare root?

We ship bare root as this is the most secure way to transport plants to avoid damage.  We can also use less packaging which means less waste.


When shipped bare root we wrap your plant carefully with 100% recyclable paper. If you have chosen to purchase a planter, we will include a small bag of soil plus planter. We use only recyclable/compostable packaging.

When shipping during winter months please take into account severe weather conditions. We do not use hot packs and will not be responsible for packages left in freezing temperatures. Feel free to contact us to discuss best times for delivery.

Potting your new plant 

When you receive your new plant you should pot it immediately into fresh cactus/succulent soil. The soil should have a small amount of moisture, avoid using soil that has completely dried out. Wait to water the plant about 5-7 days. Commence watering schedule that applies to your plant and the environment in which it is growing.