Installation and Maintenance

Commercial, Residential, Office & Hospitality Spaces.

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Bring Tula House to your home or work space. Our expert plant and design team can reimagine your space to create a tropical or arid landscape.

Whether your goal is to create a healthy environment for your employees, impress customers with unique plant design, or enhance the overall atmosphere of your space, our team of designers and horticulturists will meet your needs.

Services add-ons include contract maintenance programs to visit your space on a regular basis and care for the plants installed. Choose a guaranteed maintenance program and unhealthy plants will be replaced at no extra cost and at no expense of the design and space integrity.  

Tula House has been servicing commercial and residential spaces since 2015 and we look forward to learning about your project and bringing plant design to your space.

Clients range from the retail, hospitality, real estate, and technology industries.

Contact with a general scope of work to get started.