Dyckia 'Nickel Silver'


Dyckia 'Nickel Silver' is a terrestrial bromeliad known for its stiff, spiky leaf spears and striking silver coloration. A prolific producer of pups, it makes an excellent mother plant – so long as you protect your hands and arms with gloves and sleeves when you divide it. Each rosette flowers once in its life cycle, producing a long spear of popping orange blossoms from its center.

Price includes planter.


Native to arid and high-altitude regions of Brazil.


Provide at least 3 hours of direct sunlight. A south or west facing window is ideal for this sun-loving bromeliad.


Water these plants only when the soil has completely dried out. Native to areas that receive regular rain during half the year, and almost none for the rest of the year, these plants are well-suited to withstand periodic droughts.

Tula's Tip

As the mother plant grows, keep an eye out for pups appearing at the plant’s base. Allow these plants to establish themselves, then snip off the pups. Allow to callus, then plant directly into cactus/succulent mix. Fertilize: Dyckia 'Nickel Silver' does not require fertilizer, though it can be added to give container grown plants a boost or to supplement poor soil during the spring and summer growing season.


This plant is potted in a 10” PMD Terra-cotta cylinder planter.

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