Euphorbia lactea grafted crested


This Euphorbia specimen is uniquely grafted, meaning that two seperate plants have been fused together. On top is a Euphorbia lactea crested variegated, where new growth will emerge in a vibrant pink color. The bototm half will not continue to grow, and instead provides a base that sends energy upwards.


Euphorbia do best with a few hours of direct sun in the morning or late afternoon. Filtered light through a sheer curtain (partial shade) during the sun’s peak hours will keep this plant from bleaching. Avoid intense afternoon sun. Grow outdoors in light shade or indoors in a sunny window with southern exposure and direct sun.


Water thoroughly during the hot summer months. Let the soil somewhat dry out between waterings. During the winter months, water only when the soil becomes completely dry. Cold temperatures, low light and wet soil can lead to root or stem rot. 


Small measures 4" diameter grow pot. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape. 

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