Good Dirt Indoor Potting Mix, 12qt.


Good Dirt's unique formula of peat moss and BogBits™ create an ideal porosity in your soil, meaning roots have ample room to grow and breathe. This added airspace combined with sustainably harvested peat creates a condition for optimal water retention, ensuring your plants’ roots have adequate hydration throughout (not just in little pockets). Finally, Good Dirt adds an organic-based Plant Food and plant Probiotics to help feed roots and break down enzymes for ultimate nutrient absorption.


Compressed bag, Loosens to 12 quarts. Fills up to six 6" pots.


Peat moss, BogBits™, Plant Food, Plant Biotik™

Tula's Tip

Store in a cool, dry place. Reuse bag.


Delivery Method

NYC delivery and pickup only.