Neoporteria cachytaensis violet


Neoporteria cachytaensis violet is a collector’s cactus with origins in Cachita, Chile. Known for its deep green, almost purple trunk, it loves tons of light, great ventilation, and very little water.

Please note: Every plant will vary in size, color and shape from the one pictured. Planter is not included. Plant ships bare root.

Neoporteria cachytaensis is native to Cachita, Chile


Give Neoporteria cachitaensis violet plenty of full sun. Eight hours or more of direct sunlight a day is ideal but at a minimum these plants should be provided with at least five hours. If you are growing them indoors, a south-facing windowsill is ideal.


Neoporteria cachitaensis violet are extremely drought tolerant. Always allow the soil to dry out completely in between waterings. When you do water, soak the soil thoroughly.
If you are unsure whether or not the soil is dry, wait a few days before watering. It is much better to underwater than over water. Excessive moisture can quickly lead to root rot.
Water less frequently in the winter, every month to month and a half.

Tula's Tip

During the warm season Neoporteria cachitaensis violet may produce a cluster of pink flowers at the crown. Fertilize: Fertilization of this plant is generally not necessary. If you want to refresh your soil or give your plant a boost during the growing season, you can feed it monthly with a fertilizer for cacti and succulents. Fertilize only during the spring and summer, when the plant is actively growing.


Approx. 2-3" tall x 3-4" at the widest point. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.



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