Oxalis triangularis


The Oxalis triangularis is an edible (not for pets) perennial plant well known for it's beautiful leaf shape and habit. It’s leaves grow in a trifoliate pattern, hence the name “False Shamrock” and close like an umbrella at night. If filmed as a timelapse the opening and closing of the leaves look like a butterfly in flight. The Oxalis bloom small white/purple flowers throughout spring and summer.


The Oxalis is native to the southern parts of South America.


The oxalis will grow well in very bright indirect sunlight. If South/West exposure place the oxalis farther back from the window. If grown in North/East place the oxalis in the windowsill.


Saturate the soil with water and let the top inch or so dry out in between. This plant can dry handle a little bit of dryness between waterings, particularly during cooler weather. When temperatures are very high the oxalis should be watered more consistently or it will start to die back.

Tula's Tip

When grown indoors the Oxalis can often become leggy. Prune back leggy stems to keep the plant bushy. Fertilize: Fertilize once every couple weeks to every few months during the active growth period.


Approx. 10" tall x 8" at the widest point. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.



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