Philodendron cordatum


Philodendron cordatum is a trailing and climbing plant with heart-shaped, green foliage. It grows as an epiphyte on the sides of trees in the rainforests of Brazil. They’re easy to care for and adaptable to a variety of conditions.


Philodendron cordatum is native to Southeastern coastal Brazil where it grows as an epiphyte.


This tropical plant is from the rainforest, so try and mimic the same lighting conditions in your home. A bright indirect light or dappled sunlight is best. Look out for sunburns on the leaves if it’s getting some direct sunlight and adjust plant placement accordingly.


This plant likes an airy, well-draining soil and to be watered once the soil has just dried. This could mean consistent watering in the warmer months, especially if potted in terra cotta. They will require less water in the colder months.

Tula's Tip

Attach to a moss pole to encourage larger leaf growth, as it mimics their natural growing habit in the rainforest.

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