Sedum multiceps


Pygmy Joshua Tree is a branching stonecrop that forms stunning trunk-like stalks and bushy leaf clusters that look like they just stepped out of a miniature model of the California desert. A fall and winter grower, Sedum multiceps rarely grows taller than six inches, but it will spread rapidly if given optimal conditions. At Tula we love the bonsai look of these small plants, as well as their vibrant yellow summer flowers.

Please note: Every plant will vary in size, color and shape from the one pictured. Plant ships bare root. Soil included according to plant size.

Sedum multiceps is native to Algeria, in northern Africa.


Indoors, these relatives of the jade plant prefer lots of sun, especially to keep their upright structure and their limbs from becoming leggy. At least five hours of direct sun is ideal. A south facing window is great. Outdoors, this plant does best in light shade that protects it from intense, peak afternoon sun.


Sedum multiceps is a hardy, drought tolerant little plant. While actively growing in late fall and early spring, water thoroughly as soon as the soil dries out. During its dormant summers you can dial back a bit, maybe watering once every two weeks.

Tula's Tip

Easily propagated by separating stems at the stalk. Do so carefully and allow any cut surface to callous before reintroducing to soil. Fertilize: Fertilization of this plant is generally not necessary. If you want to refresh your soil or give your plant a boost during the growing season, you can feed it monthly with a fertilizer for cacti and succulents. Fertilize only during early spring, when the plant is actively growing.


Approx. 3-4" tall x 2-3" at the widest point. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.



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