Stapelia hirsuta


Stapelia hirsuta is originally from South Africa. It grows in granite rock face crevices and is extremely drought tolerant. Its best known for its other wordly flowers, waxy and hairy in texture, that look like starfish. The Stapelia blooms prolifically in late summer/early fall.


Stapelia prefer several hours of bright, indirect light each day. Avoid direct sun, since this can burn the foliage.


Stapelia are extremely drought tolerant, storing lots of water in their succulent stems. In the summertime water only occasionally; allow the soil to dry out completely in between waterings, and expose the plant to some drought. When you do water, be sure to saturate the soil fully. In the winter time water the plant minimally, only once stems have started to wrinkle and become flaccid.


4" Grow pot. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.