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We’re plant people.

A mix of modern horticulturists, designers, and plant enthusiasts, everything we create celebrates the wonders of the natural world.

What we believe

Don’t be
afraid to
grow wild.

We equip you with the right plant for your home, smart design, proper soil and a care plan to grow and enjoy your plants for the long run. 

Plants aren’t just objects to put in a corner – they’re living, breathing, ever-changing companions that thrive in an atmosphere that feels like home

Plants need light.
Pots need holes.
Tables need character.
Homes need life.



We’ll always be clear about plant care while helping you find your best plant match to grow and thrive together.


Plant-first design.

Every Tula product is designed with plants and their biology in mind. Every form considers the function of the natural world.


Down-to- earth care.

We’re here so you feel confident about taking care of plants and always delighted to help you solve plant problems or concerns.


Innovative by nature.

We’re introducing new ways to interact with and explore the wonder of plants through technology, accessibility and home decor.

Meet Christan
a.k.a. the plant lady

Christan Summers grew up on a farm, where she and her family rehabilitated three-legged dogs and one-eyed cows. A self-taught horticulturist with an MBA in business and marketing, she has lived in Paris and Bangkok, sold flowers on Martha’s Vineyard, swum with sharks, and worked  in the worlds of jewelry, e-commerce and advertising. She founded Tula in 2016. If it’s not obvious already, it’s her dream to live in a greenhouse.

Meet Ivan
a.k.a. the design guy

Ivan Martinez grew up in Miami, where he was surrounded by tropical plants and his Cuban relatives. A creative director with an on-again, off-again relationship with the advertising world, he has a BFA in photography and printmaking and an MFA in design and technology. He makes art for people to enjoy individually and design for people to enjoy together. He loves Batman, his cat of 20 years, and crazy cacti of all kinds.