Discover the diversity of the botanical world with our selection of arid and tropical plants.

Tula House: Rare Plants and Design

Welcome to Tula House, a botanical experience and plant store based in Brooklyn, NY, offering beautiful and rare plants in a welcoming, playful and educational environment for people who believe that — Plants Are Alive.


Tula Gardens

Reimagine your outdoor or indoor spaces with our expert plant and design team. Our garden design services add natural beauty to your property with exceptional plants and care.

Whether you’re looking to create a healthier environment for your employees, impress your customers, or simply add some extra light and life to your home, our team of designers and horticulturists are ready to assist you.

Tula Gardens Installations 🪴
  • Le Labo Headquarters

  • Hauser & Wirth

  • Rule Of Thirds

Our team has used plants to design a range of establishments, from hotels to retail stores, offices, and restaurants. Explore our previous work below and find inspiration.

  • In-Store Plant Services

    Our plant store in Brooklyn is more than just a place to buy healthy and rare plants. We offer personalized advice and services to help you make the most of your purchase. Our team offers repotting, cleaning, and general upkeep services for all your plants to keep them healthy and growing. 

  • Trade with Tula House

    All relationships change with time, including those with our plants. Whether you’re looking to find a new home for your plant or a new plant for your home, we can help!

    Tula Trade lets you make space for new love. Simply bring your plants to us and trade them in for store credit!

  • Plant Care at Home

    Do you have plants in need of some extra love and care? We’re here for you! Our At Home Plant Care services are customized to your specific needs with general care, spatial design, lighting tips, and pest ID. We have a number of add-ons, including plant repotting and cleaning and pest control you can implement from the comfort of your home!

Meet Tula House

Tula House was founded by Christan and Ivan in 2016 as a warehouse and a rare plant truck called Tulita. Since then, Tula has flourished into a collective effort to help people develop closer bonds with their plants. Our team of horticulturists, designers, and nature lovers will be delighted to assist you throughout your plant journey!

Visit Tula House in Greenpoint, BK

  • Tula House Plants

    We promise to bring you the healthiest, most amazing, ethically sourced houseplants—from rare tropicals to common succulents—while creatively educating you on how to best care for them at home.

  • Tula House Designs

    With an equal love for plants and design, we craft plant-inspired products from photography, videos, apparel, and educational materials to inspire people to stay curious about the natural world.

  • Tula House Gardens

    Create a healthier and visually inviting environment for yourself, your guests, and employees with Tula House’s tailored plantscaping services.