With an equal love for plants and design, we source and craft original indoor and outdoor pots with ceramicists from around the world. Help your plants feel more at home in planters that are designed with them in mind.



  • In-Store Plant Services

    Tula House is more than just a place to buy beautiful and rare plants. Choose from a range of personalized services, including repotting, cleaning and general plant-care to keep your plants healthy and happy for years to come. You can also purchase all the tools and supplies necessary to look after your plants, including indoor pots, pest solution, soil mix, and more.

  • Trade with Tula House

    Do you have plants that you are no longer able to care for? Or perhaps you just feel like a change? You can make space for new love by bringing your plants into Tula House for trade.

    Tula Trade is a program where you can bring us your plants and trade them in for store credit to use towards new plants, indoor pots or whatever else you need to grow your plants.

  • Plant Care at Home

    Too busy to take care of your indoor garden? Or perhaps some of your plants just need some extra TLC. If so, let our team of expert horticulturists come help you! Our services include general care, design, and troubleshooting. We can also help you repot your plant into a new planter at home and control unruly pests!