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Tula House

Wonder through the concrete of industrial Bushwick and you will find a secret jungle oasis. Located on the 2nd floor of a warehouse building is Tula House. Browse our most recent collection of plants, planters and plant-inspired objects.

Saturday 11-7pm

Sun 12-5pm.

You can also schedule a visit during the weekday.

Showroom is closed.

Collection based plant shopping

Our plant selection consists of species we grow and source from other growers and plant distributors. We hand pick each plant to ensure it is healthy and thriving. Our plants are sold pre-potted and within limited edition planters that we make in collaboration with local ceramicists.

This season’s planter collection is entitled Hips and handmade by Rhode Island based artist, Kelli Rae Adams. Kelli uses a method of throwing called ‘off the hump’ while she was an apprentice in Japan.


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