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“Tulita” The Plant Truck (Part I)

We have routines, morning routines. It’s rare that we change them, our bodies just become accustomed to repeating motions. One morning, however, I decide to change my routine, and I decide to walk – not run – in the opposite direction I normally go.

It’s good to call out that we have kept the plant truck very quiet up until now. We’ve kept it quiet because no one has ever built a plant truck before – us included. There are plenty of food trucks, a few retail trucks, sponsored airstreams and what not — but with the exception of flower trucks, this is truly, a first of its kind.

We heard many of you say how you want plants, but plant shops are either not in your neighborhood or out of the way. So we thought, why not bring the plants to you? Not only that, but also provide the option to purchase plants pre-potted.

Tula Plant Truck, Tulita

So I’m down on Morgan Ave., it’s aggressive — container truck after container truck, factory workers out for cigarette breaks clad in white coats and black rubber boots, it smells, puddles are mucky and brown. I’m nearing Vandervoort St. I know there is a park near by.

I turn left to cross the street, and BOOM.

There she is.

FOR SALE in the windshield.

That’s the truck. That is going to be our plant truck.

There is no one around, it’s still early. The number on the FOR SALE sign isn’t visible but the doors are unlocked so I open the driver’s side. The inside is in decent condition – it’s rusted, it’s old, terrible paint job, but it has character. I feel this overwhelming excitement.


I take some photos of the inside then jump out to call the number. A groggy voice answers. I apologize for the early call, but the truck – whats the story? His name is John and he has a thick Brooklyn accent and very little patience. He tells me the truck is in great condition – the previous owner couldn’t pay for past bills so they made a trade.

Tula plant truck


I tell him I’m going to come by later with some mechanics and let him know if we take it. I call Ivan — I found our truck! He says he’ll come right over.

One thing to another –

we test drive,

we talk more,

we call the mechanics. Carlos and his expert, can’t remember his name.

They tell us its a steal. Take it.

I call John, I tell him we’ll take it. I wish I had recorded those conversations.


When opportunity strikes, whirlwinds always ensue.

So when the weather warms enough, we’ll set out to the streets and announce our locations on social – Twitter and Instagram, so follow us if you’re not already. Locations will always be stated on the website as well. And if digital connectivity is not your thing, just look for a greenhouse on wheels. Can’t miss it.

We’ll soon be posting what she looked like after she went into the shop for the retrofit and thereafter, the paint job. Stay with us!

So there you go. The beginning of our Tula plant truck, AKA Tulita. Sometimes it’s a good idea to change the morning routine.


Tula Plant Truck

Tula plant truck


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