Arid Plants

A collection of unique and rare houseplants curated by Tula House. We offer the most healthy and exotic plant species for sale all sourced from trusted growers. Once you find the right plants for your collection, let us educate you on how to best care for them at home.



  • In-Store Plant Care Services

    Visiting Tula House is more than just purchasing rare houseplants. Our team provides personalized plant maintenance unique to your needs. Bringing a new plant home means repotting, cleaning and general upkeep to ensure a healthy life — sometimes those tasks can be daunting. This is why we offer a menu of services at Tula House to meet your (and your plant's needs). 

  • Explore Tula Trade 

    Do you own plants you no longer feel connected to? Or, perhaps you need a bit more room for a new or rare houseplant you’ve been eyeing? If that sounds like you, it’s time to Make Space for New Love.

    We created Tula Trade for you to bring your plants to our Brooklyn store and swap them in for store credit. Use your credit to buy easy to care for and exotic plants for sale, Niwaki garden tools, fertilizer and so much more.

  • At Home Plant Care in NYC

    Do you have plants at home that need extra love? Let us come to you! At Tula House, we are proud to provide At Home Plant Care services tailored to you and your plants’ needs. Our At Home Plant Care Services can include general care, lighting tips, pest ID, troubleshooting, and design help.

    Looking for a little extra support? We also offer add-ons such as repotting, plant cleaning, and pest removal — all from the comfort of your own home.