All Design

With an equal love for plants and design, we craft original plant gifts, photography, videos, apparel, illustrations, and educational materials to inspire people to stay curious about the natural world. 

Whether you’re looking for a hand-made planter that gives your shelf a new life, or a quirky tee that’ll put a spring in your step, find your favorite plant accessories right here at Tula House.



  • In-Store Services

    Plant gifts are a wonderful way to show your friends and family some love, but your plants need care too. 

    From repotting, fertilizing, and cleaning to pest identification, raising a plant isn’t always easy. Tula House is here to help your plants be all they can be with our plant maintenance services.

  • Tula Trade

    Tula Trade is the ultimate expression of our love for plants, both ours and yours. If you’re looking to make more space at home for new plants, we’ll take your old ones in exchange for store credit. You can use this credit to buy plant gifts, new planters, or just another Pothos. After all, you can never have enough!

  • At Home Care

    Our At Home Care services help you create the ideal space for your plants and plant accessories, whether that’s at home or at the workplace. We offer a full range of services that cover every step of your plant’s journey, from ideation, design, and lighting, to pest identification and general plant care. 

    If you need a little more help with your plants, you can also go for our affordable add-ons that cover cleaning, repotting, and pest removal.