All Plants

Welcome to our world of arid and tropical plants. Our selection of unique house plants is a testament to the diversity of the botanical world with its profound beauty and resilience. Whether you’re an experienced horticulturist or just beginning your plant journey, you will find the best plant care resources and support you need here at Tula House.



  • In-Store Services

    Shopping at Tula House is more than just purchasing unique indoor plants. Our in-store services have been curated to support you and your plant every step of the way. Bringing a plant home requires repotting, cleaning, and general upkeep – a daunting idea. We have designed our plant maintenance services to guide you through your journey and help you take care of your unique house plant’s needs. 

  • Tula Trade

    We love your plants as much as you do, and we’re ready to show it. If you’re looking to make more room at home for new plants, you can easily exchange your old plants for store credit with Tula Trade

    Let new roots grow and enrich your world, we’ll make sure your old plants are taken care of. 

  • At Home Care

    Every unique house plant needs a bit of extra love once in a while to thrive. Tula House’s At Home Care Services help your wonderful plants glow just a little brighter. Our services include general care, design and lighting tips, as well as pest identification and troubleshooting. If you need extra support, you can add repotting, cleaning and pest removal to your visit.