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In-Store Services

Tula House offers more than plant shopping. Our team provides expert plant care and maintenance services unique to your needs. We help you with everything from repotting to cleaning and general upkeep for your plant. Choose from a range of Tula House services to keep your plant looking healthy and happy, always. 

Our In-Store Services are perfect for whether you have a plant of your own, or one you previously purchased from us. 

Let us do the dirty work.


Plants thrive best when they’re in the most conducive environment. Everything from the soil mix to the material and size of the planter can affect their growth. Our plant repotting service helps you safely transfer your plant from one pot to another, ensuring it remains intact from leaf to root.

  • 4-6" POT SIZE - $5

  • 8-10" POT SIZE - $15

  • 12" + POT SIZE - $30


Plant maintenance includes regularly cleaning your plants to ensure they remain free of pests and can photosynthesize efficiently. Our team is happy to do the dirty work so your plants continue to grow and thrive.

  • Upkeep - $5

    Preventative dusting and cleaning of a plant that does not have pests.

  • Minor - $15

    Thorough cleaning of a plant with slight pest presence, and additional pruning and cleanup.

  • Major - $30

    Pest infestation treatment that requires pruning and a soapy wash, multiple rinses, and a BUGOUT treatment.

🏠 Need plant service at your house? 🏠

Pressed for time? Plants too big or too plentiful? Let us come to you! Whether you travel a lot or simply don’t have the time to attend to all the plants you love, our At Home Plant Care Services can help you. We provide general plant maintenance and upkeep, design services, lighting tips, pest management, and more with Tula House. Rest easy knowing your plants are in expert hands from the comfort of your home.

  • Shop Tula House Plants

    Discover beautiful, rare plants right here in Brooklyn. We only source from trusted, ethical growers. Our expert team will also educate you on proper plant maintenance whenever you visit Tula House.

  • Explore Tula House Designs

    We believe plants are the perfect inspiration for creative endeavors. Find original plant-inspired designs like apparel, photography, videos, educational material, and other products in our design collection. 

  • Tula House Garden Design

    Bring a touch of Tula House into your home or workspace. Create a healthier and livelier environment for yourself, your guests, or employees with our expert interior and exterior plantscaping.