Plant Tools & Supplies

We have everything you need to grow healthy plants indoors. From our Tula House blend soil mixes and our BUGOUT pest solution, to specialty pruners and fertilizers. 

We blend our own soil mixes in house to create the perfect soil structure for both arid and tropical plants. Our Tula House BUGOUT pest solution is sure to zap those pesky bugs out of the house. We also carry a variety of Niwaki garden tools, the best gardening supplies in the world, right here in Brooklyn. Your plants will thank you!



  • In-Store Services

    At Tula House we offer more than plants and supplies. Enjoy a host of personalized services tailored to your needs. Cleaning, repotting, and general upkeep can be arduous, so we do it for you! We also walk you through everything you can do to keep your plants healthy and happy and for years to come.

  • Tula Trade

    If you no longer feel connected to some of your plants or simply feel like a change, you can make space for new love with Tula Trade.

    Tula Trade is a program at Tula House where you can bring in your old plants and exchange them for store credit to buy plants, tools, and other products.

  • At Home Care

    Do some of your plants need a little extra love and attention? We can provide it! Our At Home Plant Care services include everything from general care for your plants to design, pest ID and troubleshooting, as well as add-ons, such as cleaning, repotting, and pest removal. We bring the necessary plant tools and supplies with us.