Plant Reads

  1. Houseguest: Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs

    Houseguest: Lauren of Wooden Spoon Herbs

    Everyone has an innate connection to plants of some form, but ‘plant people’ of all kinds come into their botanical curiosities by way of their own...
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  2. Glazed and unglazed terra cotta pottery at Tula Plants & Design in Brooklyn NY.

    Glazed or Terra Cotta – Choosing A Pot for Your Plant

    When moving a plant from a plastic grow pot to a more permanent home, we regularly encounter two different types of pottery. Glazed pottery and raw terra cotta. Since many plants tend to thrive in one or the other, the first question we should ask ourselves when pairing a plant with a pot is – Glazed or terra? 
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  3. Tula's Tropical Room is a microclimate in itself, where tropicals are clustered together and circulate beneficial heat, light, and humidity.

    How to Build A Microclimate for Your Tropical Plants

    During winter, our homes become a refuge for leafy tropical plants that would otherwise struggle and die if left out in the cold. However, it's difficult to keep winter's influence on our plants completely at bay. Our plants feel the cold season in three key ways: the chill that sets roots into dormancy, the shorter days that lead to less energy absorption from the sun, and the dry air created by heaters that drops beneficial humidity. One way to dampen the affects of winter is to create a microclimate for your tropical beauties.
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  4. The front door of Tula Plants & Design in Brooklyn, NY.

    Outdoor Space – Taking Plants In And Out With The Seasons

    Let's be honest: if given the option between inside and outside, our houseplants would choose to be outside. That's where they're from, after all. Outside, plants have access to more light, cleaner water, constant airflow, and humidity. They also have a whole food chain above them that naturally protects against pest outbreaks.

    That said, we love having plants inside! Many plants thrive indoors given the right conditions, and we plant lovers have perfected the ways of providing for plants indoors so we can reap the psychological, aesthetic, and air-purifying benefits of our leafy friends year-round. 

    If you do have outdoor space, however, there is simply no better cure-all for plant ailments, issues, and growth slowdown than sticking a plant outside. 

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  5. Pest Management In Your Care Routine

    Pest Management In Your Care Routine

    How to treat bugs on your indoor plants? Common bugs like fungus gnats, mealy bugs, and scale can infest indoor plants and damage leaves. Here we share easy tips to get rid of bugs on indoor plants as well as help to identify what bug is on your indoor houseplant. 

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  6. How Often Should I Water My Plant?

    How Often Should I Water My Plant?

    If an FAQ list existed at Tula, this would be at the top: How often should I water my plant? A simple question that doesn't always have the simplest answer. 
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