Home Decor

Bring an all-new life to your space with our colorful range of home and plant decor. Here, you’ll find creative products and designs that instantly catch the eye, crafted with extraordinary vision, and so much more. Discover everything from the hilarious to the thoughtful, right here with Tula House’s plant-inspired home decor.



  • In-Store Services

    Every great piece of plant decor is home to a gorgeous plant that craves the right care. Once you have made space for your new decor at home or at your office, take care of your plants the right way with Tula House.

    We offer a wide range of in-store plant services to help your plants grow properly every step of the way, from repotting to general upkeep.

  • Tula Trade

    When you’ve cared for a plant for so long, making a change can be difficult. That’s why Tula House gives you the power to trade in your old plants for store credit with Tula Trade.

    Use your credit on our range of beautiful arid and tropical plants or our home decor and let new leaves brighten up your world. We’ll make sure your old plants get the love they deserve. 

  • At Home Care

    Proper plant decor and care can transform your space into a thriving ecosystem. Tula House helps your plants reach their full potential and stay healthy all year long with a suite of At Home Care Services

    We provide general plant care, design, and lighting guidance catered to your particular room, along with pest identification and troubleshooting for any issues you might have. We also offer add-on services like pest removal, repotting, and cleaning.