Myrtillocactus geometrizans 'Fukurokuryuzinboku'


Myrtillocactus geometrizans Fukurokuryuzinboku aka 'The Boob Cactus' is a monstrose cultivar of the more commonly seen Myrtillocactus geometrizans. The Fukurokuryuzinboku has unusual shaped ribs along with areoles that resemble nipples making this cactus appear like it has little breasts, hence the popular nickname, ‘The Boob Cactus’. Myrtillocactus geometrizans 'Fukurokuryuzinboku' is a nursery produced cultivar which is rare and collectable amongst enthusiasts

Please note: Every plant will vary in size, color and shape from the one pictured. Plant ships bare root. Soil included according to plant size.

The Myrtillocactus is native to northern central Mexico down to Oaxaca. The 'Fukurokuryuzinboku' is a nursery produced cultivar


The Myrtillocactus requires direct sun to grow evenly but be careful of very hot windowsills during summer months as the magnification from the glass can burn the plant surface. Because this specie has little to no spines, it is more susceptible to sunburn.


Myrtillocactus prefers to stay on the dry side. In the summer water them only when the soil has dried out entirely. Always err on the side of underwatering. They are built to withstand drought, and overwatering is one of the quickest ways to kill them. During the winter water very infrequently, if at all. If you are unsure whether or not the soil is dry, wait a few days before watering. Always check your local weather before watering indoor arid plants in winter. It is best to water if there is a stretch of sunshine in the forecast.

Tula's Tip

The cactus is more or less spineless, its blue coloration will become more saturated with the proper sunlight. Avoid touching the plant's tissue with your bare hands as you may leave behind an oily fingerprint. Fertilize: These plants do not require much fertilization. To give them a boost during the growing season fertilizer once monthly with a fertilizer formulated specifically for cacti and succulents. Only fertilize during the spring and summer. Cut back on fertilizing entirely during the winter months.


Small measures 4" diameter grow pot. Medium measures 4" grow pot. Large and X-Large measures 6" grow pot. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.



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