Welcome to the Tula House Plant Library! Learn best plant care tips to keep your plants alive and beautiful. Once you are full of new care information, explore our rare plant selection in our shop section. 

Tula’s Plant Library 

Welcome to the Tula House Plant Library. Learn about different plant species, what each plant needs, and plant care tips to keep your plants alive and beautiful. Once you are full of new care information, explore our rare plant collection.

  1. Crassula perforata

    Crassula perforata

    Botanical Name — Crassula perforata Common Name — String of buttons, Necklace vine Plant Family — Crassulaceae Background Crassula perforata is a...
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  2. Pellaea rotundifolia

    Pellaea rotundifolia

    Botanical Name — Pellaea rotundifolia Common Name — Button fern Plant Family — Pteridaceae Background Pellaea rotundifolia are low-lying plants n...
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  3. Euphorbia trigona

    Euphorbia trigona

    Botanical Name — Euphorbia trigona Common Name — African milk tree, Cathedral cactus Plant Family — Euphorbiaceae Background Originating in Centr...
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  4. Hatiora salicornioides

    Hatiora salicornioides

    Botanical Name — Hatiora salicornioides Common Name — Dancing bones cactus, Spice cactus Plant Family — Cactaceae Background A member of the Rhip...
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  5. Euphorbia tirucalli

    Euphorbia tirucalli

    Botanical Name — Euphorbia tirucalli Common Name — Pencil cactus, Milk bush, Pencil tree, Indian spurge tree Plant Family — Euphorbiaceae Backgrou...
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  6. Agave Attenuata

    Agave Attenuata

    Botanical Name — Agave attenuata Common Name — Foxtail Agave, Lion’s Tail/ Swan’s Neck/ Soft Leaved Agave Plant Family — Asparagaceae    Background...
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