Niwaki Garden Tools

Niwaki is a Japanese-inspired brand of garden tools. These are some of the best gardening implements you will find, made from high-quality materials and hand-forged to perfection. Find everything from snips to secateurs, folding knives, flower scissors, sharpening stones, and more here at Tula House.



  • Explore Plants & Services

    Visiting Tula House is an experience unlike any other. Here, you can find a large collection of plant species, including some rare tropical and arid varieties. Or, come in for our range of personalized services for your plants, including cleaning, repotting, and general upkeep. With help from our team, you will walk away educated on how to take care of your plants, including how to use our Japanese garden tools, keep your plants pest-free and more. 

  • Design Your Garden

    Want to reimagine your home or business with plant life for a unique experience? We can help! Our expert horticulturists and designers will help you transform your residential or commercial space with our plantscaping services. Whether you want to create a more beautiful workspace for your employees, an inviting atmosphere for your customers, or simply a healthier space to live in, we are ready to assist you.

  • Plant Care At Home

    Too busy to give your plants the extra love and attention they need? Call Tula House. We provide tailored At Home Plant Care services to keep your plants healthy and happy. Our services include general care, pest ID, troubleshooting, advice on how to best use Japanese garden tools, as well as design tips. Some of our add-on services include repotting, major plant cleaning, pest removal, and more. All of this is available in the comfort of your home.