• Tula's Arid Mix
  • Tula's Arid Mix

Tula's Arid Mix

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A blend of grit, structure, and aeration to create the perfect medium for your succulents and other arid plants. A superb mix for your next cactus arrangement, small repotting projects, or getting that succulent from the plastic grow pot into a more permanent home. Hand-mixed by Tula House, this is an airy, well-draining combination of Sphagnum Moss, Pumice Stone, Vermiculite, Pine Bark, and Perlite to mimic your cacti and succulents’ native desert home.

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Size: 8 oz. / 1.3 US qt dry. Store in a cool and dry place. Reseal to retain soil moisture.

Ingredients: 30% Pumice Stone, 25% Sphagnum Moss, 15% Vermiculite, 15% Pine Bark, 15% Perlite