• Tula's Tropical Mix
  • Tula's Tropical Mix

Tula's Tropical Mix

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The perfect moisture retaining, nutrient enriching, root stimulating medium for your foliage plants. This bag of soil is hand-mixed by Tula House plant experts to create the ideal environment for your indoor tropical plants. Give your plants a light, moisture-retentive yet well-draining combination of nutritious Sphagnum Moss, Worm Castings, Vermiculite, Perlite, and Mycorrhizae that they will appreciate for years to come.

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Size: 8 oz. / 1.3 US qt dry. Store in a cool and dry place. Reseal to retain soil moisture.

Ingredients: 40% Sphagnum Moss, 20% Worm Castings, 15% Vermiculite, 15% Perlite, 10% Mycorrhizae