The Tropical Room

A selection of curated tropical plants available at All tropical plants are carefully picked by our staff of horticulturists and designers. We strive to find healthy, rare and unique tropical species, perfect for the plant collector and first time buyer. 

At Tula, we will always equip you with care instructions to grow your tropical plants successfully indoors. Our goal is to keep your tropical plants healthy so you can watch them grow, bloom and live for the long run. 

A few of our favorite tropical finds are the pothos, ZZ plant, anthurium, spathyphyllum, alocasia and more. 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.

  • In-Store Services

    Visiting Tula House is more than just purchasing plants. We provide personalized services unique to your needs. Bringing a plant home requires repotting, cleaning and general upkeep - sometimes those tasks can be daunting. Which is why we created a menu of services offered at Tula House to meet your (and your plant's needs).

  • Tula Trade

    Do you have plants that you no longer feel connected to? Do you need more room for a plant you’ve been wanting? If so, Make Space for New Love.

    TULA TRADE is a program at Tula House where you are able to bring in plants of yours that you no longer want, trade them in for store credit.

  • At Home Care

    Do you have plants at home that need some extra care? Let us come to you! We provide At Home Plant Care services unique to your needs.At Home Care Services include general care, design, lighting tips, pest ID and troubleshooting. Add-ons include; repotting, plant cleaning, and pest removal, all from the comfort of your home.