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  • Euphorbia stellata
  • Euphorbia stellata

Euphorbia stellata

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Please note: Every plant will vary in size, color and shape from the one pictured. Plant ships bare root. Soil included according to plant size.

Euphorbia stellata is a small geophytic species, both a caudiciform and medusoid Euphorbia. The caudex is frequently elevated in cultivation. Flowers bloom on the edges of the Euphorbia branches. Blooms are small, waxy and yellow in color.

Euphorbia stellata plants grow best in full sun. Avoid intense afternoon sun. Euphorbia stellata are drought tolerant plants. Their soil should be allowed to dry out entirely before watering thoroughly. If the caudex starts to shrivel, Euphorbia stellata is thirsty and should be watered. 

Branch cuttings can be propagated and will form a caudex over time. Fertilize to stimulate growth and healthy roots during the grow season.