Stenocereus beneckei


Stenocereus beneckei are hardy, shrub-like cacti known for their striking gray-green coloration, sharp brown spines, and obtuse ribs. These cacti act as a strong contrast to other specimens in a collection. Please Note: Planter is not included. Plant ships bare root. Soil included according to plant size.


Central Mexico


Stenocereus beneckei require plenty of full sun. Eight hours of direct sunlight a day is ideal but at a minimum these plants should be provided with at least five hours.


During the grow season, it should be watered thoroughly, when the soil is dry. During cold, winter months, it should be left to dry between waterings and watered sparingly. Also check your local weather before watering indoor arid plants in winter. It is best to water if there is a stretch of sunshine in the forecast.

Tula's Tip

Keep an eye out for stunning black-green funnelform flowers that bloom for one night only in late spring or early summer. Don’t miss it! Fertilize: Stenocereus beneckei can be fed with a cactus fertilizer once per month, spring through fall.


Small measures 4" diameter grow pot. Large measures 6" grow pot. Every plant will vary in size, color and shape.


Delivery Method

Nationwide shipping, NYC delivery and pickup available. Delivered Bare root