Rare and unusual Sansevierias, or snake plants, for sale at Tula Plants & Design. Rare and unusual Sansevierias, or snake plants, for sale at Tula Plants & Design.

Quick Look: Sansevieria, Haworthia, Gasteria

True rarities, Sansevieria, Haworthia, and Gasteria are all succulents that can tolerate lower light levels. Most arid plants, from cacti to Jade, require a lot of direct sunlight to thrive, but these plants don't. Keep them in a bright indirect light, or a space that receives a few hours of direct sunlight at most.


Low-Light Succulents at a glance:

  • Sansevierias are the perfect plant for people who travel a lot, or don’t want to water that often. They thrive in dry soil and do not require misting.
  • Haworthias often sport large, moisture-retentive leaves that are vaguely translucent, like stained glass.
  • Sansevieria is a much larger family than many suspect. Some arid plant lovers base entire collections on the family’s many rare and wonderful species.


A collection of rare snake plants, like Sansevieria Xaskul and Sansevieria Kirkii 'Silver Blue' for sale at Tula Plants & Design.


Low-Light Succulent Care:

  • While these plants can tolerate lower light, they will grow quicker, and sometimes even flower, if kept in higher light.
  • While lower light is fine, these plants will struggle in a dim spot. Provide a minimum of bright indirect light.
  • These plants benefit from periods of drought. Only water when the soil has been dry for several days.


Low-Light Succulent Favorites:

Sansevieria cylindrica 'boncel'
Haworthia kikuhigasa
Gasteria pseudonigricans
Sansevieria Kirkii 'Silver Blue'
Sansevieria Xaskul


Haworthia kikuhigasa, with vaguely translucent neon green leaves, for sale at Tula Plants & Design.