Prepping Your Plants for Summer

You've got your portable air conditioners, oil-free sunscreen, and skin-baring summer wardrobes (mostly) sorted out. But, as you prep for warmer weather, it's time to make sure you are not leaving your plant pals behind. 

Here are five ways to get your indoor garden ready for warm months.

Watch Out For Sunburn:

Magnification of sun through glass windows can burn foliage. Foliage can also burn fast if you don’t acclimate an indoor plant to outdoor life before exposing it to direct sun rays. You won’t see it right away, but the next day you may find large brown or black spots that look like bruises on your foliage. This is the first sign of foliage burn. The next day, those spots may dry up and turn crispy — very similar to what happens to us when we are burned by the sun. Be sure to pull any foliage that is touching glass away from the window. And if you bring your plant outdoors during the summer, give them a shady start and at least a week of acclimation before putting them under direct sunrays.

Watering a Ficus audrey at Tula Plants & Design.

Increase watering:

Summer means more sun, which means more photosynthesis and growth! Which means you’ll need to water more often as your plant is using more energy and perspiring more water throughout the day. Make sure you learn what your plant wants during the summer months and don’t let it dry too much between watering.

Cleaning a plant to prevent pests at Tula Plants & Design.


Heat and growth can also attract pests, the most common of which are spider mites, mealy bugs, and scale. Cleaning your plants regularly (wiping down the under and upper sides of leaves and/or showering them), will keep pests away. If you do find a pest on your plant, clean it immediately. Summer heat only perpetuates infestations so don’t leave them be.

Control indoor temperature:

If you’re leaving for the weekend, keep your AC on so your home temps don’t get too hot. If you keep your home temps around 65-70 F don’t let temps surpass 80 F. Plants will wilt quickly and you may have to do some heavy pruning if they don’t bounce back.

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If your plant calls for it, fertilize a few times a month so you can take advantage of the growth season. Try to source organic fertilizers and follow directions. Fertilizer burn is a thing and you can damage leaves if you fertilize too much and don’t have drainage in your planters. 

Other than that, enjoy the summer growth season with your plants! This is the best time to witness all that your plants have to offer so try to give them the best environment to grow. Wishing you a wonderful summer with lots of sunshine, green, and hopefully a few dips in a cool body of water.

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